Courage to be Free…


Where are you bound? What limiting thoughts prevent you from being your authentic Self? What lower emotions keep your heart captive?   Are you keeping your Self small to stay safe? Are you  in relationships that are no longer compatible? Do you dread your work…  staying only for the perceived security?

Honest analysis is the first step towards cultivating the courage to be free.

Answers to these questions will provoke fears that can be faced directly. Whatever  fears  such as failure, rejection or embarrassment…Stay with it …..Move into the discomfort..

Courage is the capacity to confront fear, pain, danger, uncertainty or intimidation. Once made conscious these fears or “false evidence appearing real” begin to be seen for what they truly are….negative projections of the future. Once these projections can be revealed as one of the numerous possibilities…..they begin to loose their grip over your psyche.

Freeing you to choose where to focus your heart and mind. Allowing space for your wildest dreams to be possible outcomes…..





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