Imagine confusion is lifted…..  We see and understand things we did not see and understand before…..

These insights keep us off the “merry-go-round” of the past (if we choose to be off of it)..  The past seems to offer comfort and security.  We can rely on the past — we know it.  We also know where it leads — what happens.  Today can offer the opportunity for something different.  What if we are offered a chance for something better?

As a previously traumatized species in process of working out of trauma collectively and individually. We rarely consider that things could be better.  Hope does not fit into a trauma response.  Trauma responses are about protecting oneself from harm happening again, so there is no room for hope, only survival.

I suggest we consider taking a step off of the trauma response “merry-go-round” and take a step toward a new way.  This step can start right now, today,  let’s  see and learn something new.

By day’s end, we can see the links and interconnections between things, enabling us to open up space for a different experience — a different future.

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