Live in the Now….


The Purpose of life is not about the ego getting what it wants. That is how you know if you are functioning through your ego, also. As the ego always wants something that is not present. It is never satisfied with NOW. What is. It is always seeking and searching for something more.

What about Now?

Is this enough for You?

Yet, through the processes you are going through and what may seem painful, is the process of letting go. Once you have let go of your attachments and the desire of the wants no longer guiding your life, then you are free from the suffering, that ultimately, your desire to be free from.

That is why it seems so backwards. As if what you want is painful. Yet it is not the desires that are painful, it is the constant endless never being present. Never appreciating what is. In the appreciating what is, comes the KNOWING and appreciation of the Soul.

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