Presence is a Mastery Tool … it’s how we exist… in present moment, in this now… we don’t allow our minds to wander off into “what if scenarios” unless we are intentionally creating an exquisite reality to arrive in another moment (vibration) as we expand into it. In present moment, we are aware of all things. We hear/see/feel the energy of all and it’s this that tells us what we need to know.

In presence, we can hear any old programmed thoughts that present. Once we hear them, we have choice in believing or dismissing them as an old illusion and maintaining love from within.

Presence allows us to see judgment and not judge it. Just this practice releases the judgment we didn’t know was there before…

Presence allows us to observe ourselves, our own feelings, our mindsets, our fixed beliefs… it allows us to feel our truth and the one our head tries to convince us of… the untruths we came here to recognize and transcend.

Presence allows us to FEEL fully, pure divine Peace, Pure Divine Love, Pure Divine Power… for in presence we bring forth our own power again.

Presence is where we CREATE… how we become CREATORS again. All else falls away and the beauty, magnificence, inspiration, desire and purposes… these all emerge from within.

Presence is where we realize all other moments no longer exist. It’s where moments collapse into one and flow is restored again.

Presence is where beauty, magnificence and MAGIC are experienced. It’s where connection with all-as-one occurs… it’s beyond anything we experienced as our unconscious self.

Presence is where realizations come forth, understandings become visible and what we forgot can be seen/felt/heard.

Presence is where we realize that everything exists. Presence is how we function. We do not leave this moment right here. We do not separate off into other places, times or things. We cut the cords of thought that kept us prisoner before. WE FREE OURSELVES by intentionally maintaining presence in all moments, in all that we experience and do.

Presence is where our Higher Self speaks and it’s our CONNECTION through presence that we can participate with EMBODIMENT.

Presence is where our consciousness is. When we separate off, when we let our mind run rampant and disconnect with it, we lose consciousness.

Presence is where the heart and mind operate as one again. This is where UNITY occurs and our experiences show us what is unified and what is not, where love exists, where it does not.

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