Presence and Forgetting…


Forgetting is easier than you might think. Forgetting does not involve suppressing or repressing a memory. Forgetting is as easy as moving forward, focusing on what is in the present. So it does require a certain amount of focus, which you could call effort if you wish. But your lives are always happening in the present moment, so asking yourself to focus in the present moment is not an outlandish thing to do.

Continuing to go back into the past in an attempt to manage the future is somewhat of an outlandish act. You can only be present with what is and let the future take care of itself.

Now, of course, there are some things that you do not want to forget. There are pleasant moments, happy moments from your past. And there certainly is nothing wrong with reminiscing or feeling nostalgic. But you often run the risk of glorifying the past, seeing it as ‘the good old days,’ and that also takes you out of the present, which is the only place where you can actually live.

So what I recommend is that you make it your intention to be more present with everything and everyone that comes your way. When you are present, you can hear your intuition, you can feel your emotions, and you can receive what it is that the circumstance or person has come to deliver you.

But if all you ever do is define your present by your past, you will relive it. You will continue to create it as it always has been. So I am not suggesting that you forget, because even the act of forgetting puts you focused on that which you are attempting to forget.

What I am saying is that when you are present in the now moment, forgetting is the natural byproduct. And you can live more fully, more vividly than you ever have before. And you will paint your future deliberately with the strokes of your vibration, a vibration that can only be offered in the present moment.

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