Creating Reality….

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We are actually intentionally creating our world and how we live in it. It’s important to support ourselves in several ways once we undertake to move into this new mode of being.

Intention Support

  • Use your imagination
  • Journal
  • Record audio stories of new self talk – how things are now in your new world
  • Meditate
  • Contemplate
  • Become selective what you take in. . .people, places, events, TV, Radio, Movies, Books
  • Walk in nature
  • Volunteer for an organization you love
  • Eat fresh good tasting food
  • Enjoy your loved ones – accept them just the way they are
  • Listen to your intuition
  • Celebrate your wins and insights
  • Meet others of like mind – find a therapeutic counseling group where you can let your hair down, tell your truth and expose your goals
  • Practice daily gratitude for what you have now
  • Develop your capacity to “feel good” all the time. . .this skill cannot be underestimated. Feeling good when things look bad is where the magic is.

Form your assumptions with the highest, noblest and happiest concepts. Whatsoever things are pure, just, lovely, of good report, think on these things only.

This means to make your assumptions the highest, noblest, happiest concepts. There is no better time to start than now. The present moment is always the most opportune in which to eliminate all unlovely assumptions and to concentrate only on the good.

It is amazing to observe what happens when you radiate light at the highest levels. Radiating light is imaginal. Movement up and down the energy ladder is imaginal. Rating progress is imaginal. Naming concepts and observing their images is imaginal. Being the person with your fulfilled desire is first imagined and sustained in the brightest light is made visible in the objective world.

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