Dream Big….

This is your day. Every day is your day. This is your day to watch your dreams unfold. Not someone else’s dreams. Yours. The object of your dreams is to dream them and invite them to come true.

You are not a beggar of dreams. Within the seed of your dreams comes your fulfillment. You are the dreamer of your life. So, of course, I extol you to dream and to dream big. Dreams do not HAVE to come true, yet, certainly, the more you dream and the bigger you dream, the more of your dreams there are to come true.

You do not have to stick with the same dreams. If you want to jump from dream to dream the way you jump from one stone to another to get across a stream, why, that is perfectly fine as well. Dreams are not a business you must start and follow according to rules. Dreams are meant for you to dream. The object of dreaming is to dream.

There are no rules against dreaming. There is freedom of dreaming.

Dreaming is how you expand your horizons.  Unless you dream, your desires are left dormant. All of life in the world is a dream anyway. There is every reason to dream big. Your subconscious will make of your dream what it wills. Never was it intended that you be tightfisted with your dreams.

Do not only listen to the proponents of realism, for life without dreams makes for a short-changed life. Realistic doesn’t spark life. Realistic overrides life. Realistic puts the fires of life out. Realistic is a fire extinguisher. Realistic is a dampener of life. Realistic belies opportunity. Dreaming is the fuel of life. You are to ignite the wheels of life. It is for you to turn life on. Dreams are the button you push. Create balance between these two…Realism and Dreaming

Dreams are good starters. Inventions begin with dreams.

Dreams are life ahead of time. Life is meant to be dreamed of. Dreams do not waste time.

No one has to believe in your dreams! You don’t even have to. Good Heavens, dreams would not be dreams if there were certainty that they would come true.

Certainly, you don’t have to know how your dreams will come true. That’s just how it is. There are no guarantees. Dreams don’t come with guarantees, nor are they meant to. Dreams give you lots of room to play in.

Consider dreams like leaves on trees. Some leaves fall off or fly away, and some leaves last long. Because a leaf falls, it doesn’t mean the leaf is wasted. Each dream serves its usefulness, and one dream leads to another.

The substance of your dreams is expansion. The seeds you sprinkle your life with are dreams. Without dreams, you are like an automaton. I speak in terms of routine. Grand dreams, however, stir your heart. I am within your heart.

Until you envision, how will you find your dreams? Let your dreams arise. Dreams are like undergrowth that nourish the soil. There is no telling what will come of dreams that occur to you.

You cannot figure dreams out ahead of time. Dreams are not tests you take. Dreams are to go as far as they take you. With dreams, you see possibilities of your life beforehand. There is no limit to dreams. Your future depends on your dreams. Give your dreams an opportunity to go where they take you. Dreams lead. Life follows.


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