OSHO: Total Relaxation is Paradise

The whole society is geared for work. It is a workaholic society. It does not want you to learn relaxation, so from the very childhood it puts in your mind anti-relaxation ideas.

I am not telling you to relax the whole day. Do your work, but find some time for yourself, and that can only be found in relaxation.. And you will be surprised that if you can relax for an hour or two hours out of every twenty-four hours, it will give you a deeper insight into yourself. It will change your behavior outwardly – you will become more calm, more quiet. It will change the quality of your work – it will be more artistic and graceful…

Relaxation has miraculous powers… Relaxation can transform you to such beautiful heights – and it is such simple technique… It will bring new light to your eyes, a new freshness to your being, and it will help you to understand what meditation is. It is just the first step outside the door of the temple of meditation. With just deeper and deeper relaxation it becomes meditation..

Total relaxation is the ultimate. That’s the moment when one becomes a buddha. That’s the moment of realization, enlightenment….

Don’t be in a hurry and don’t be in haste. Move as if all eternity is available to you – in fact, it is available to you. We are here from the beginning and we are going to be here to the very end, if there is a beginning and there is an end. In fact, there is no beginning and no end. We have always been here and we will be here always. Forms go on changing, but not the substance, garments go on changing, but not the soul…

My effort here is to help you get rid of all guilt and all fear.. I would like to tell you: there is no hell and no heaven… all that exists is this moment. You can make this moment a hell or a heaven… Hell is when you are all tense, and heaven is when you are all relaxed. Total relaxation is paradise.

– Osho, From Medication To Meditation, chp 6

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