Energy Flows Where Your Attention Goes……

Where we put our attention and our energy is also what we create in our life. This includes our negative thoughts because they have a lot of energy that can make them happen. We must be careful where we are putting our attention.

When our attention has energy and emotion that same energy has Life Force. It will materialize what we are thinking. It is wise to remain centered and peaceful inside. Observe your thoughts without being attached to them and you can choose which thoughts to put energy and attention to.

This is a powerful gift and a tool that we must learn to use wisely. When we feel negative, relax and know that this negative thought is born of old karma. Let go of it and not think too seriously about it. The old karma is just trying to get out of your body and leave. Even if your mind is gripped by the thoughts and emotions, you don’t have to think this is serious and act on it. Refrain from action and observe the karma going out without being attached to it. Set it free like a balloon into the air: no destination, just simply let it fly away.

When we feel love and goodness in our thoughts and emotions, trust that the universe will take care of this desire. Trust the universe completely and don’t think about it any more. When we have no attachment and trust the universe, it will materialize and bring us what we need. What we need may not be the same as what we expect. The universe knows best. Too much thinking and too much worry will only interfere with what the universe can do for you. The universe is here to help you, but you must let go and trust that it will happen. This is the way to happiness. sacred kiss

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