I am open to the guidance of synchronicity,
and do not let expectations hinder my path.’
– Dalai Lama

Expectations usually come from the ego. The ego dictates how things should unfold and when. But when we open up, we are guided by something far bigger, through synchronicities.

Synchronicities signal alignment with vibrational alignment, which indicates a match of frequency. Basically we are attracting frequencies which match the same attraction and ignite the ability to manifest our desires. So when “coincidences” keep happening, it is the universe telling us that we are getting “warmer” and closer to manifesting our desires. Coincidences can be messages in the form of symbols, dreams, and subconscious thoughts, which have meanings to us and will guide us if we pay attention. We need to recognize that divine order is operating.

Many times we dismiss these messages because of our conflicting expectations, which come from the ego. The ego directs our conscious and dictates how and when things should unfold. Unfortunately, we miss many opportunities that could guide us to better opportunities, if we were open to the synchronicities in plain site.mystical underwater

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