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  1. I’m glad to have discovered such a true person as you.

    I can agree with practically everything you say.:-o

    My mother died eighteen years ago-and that was really a very painful experience for me.:'(It turned out to be so hard that I got a deep depression from it and nearly died of a suicide attempt seven months later.But it was surely decided since the beginning of time that I should make it and live on:-D

    Not so long ago, to be exact january 5 2015, my father died in my arms and I helped him to the other side by being there for him the last couple of minutes he lived.He became 100 years old and had a fantastic life together with me in our home, because I took care of him all by myself and all the things that go with that since my mother passed away 1997.

    It became a VERY stressful life but my father trusted in me and I never let him down one single moment.

    Finally, if you give all you’ve got and don’t think about yourself and your own life, that must surely take a hold.:$And it did…I became totally burned out.:-SSLike a depression caused by exhausion.:-(You can’t think of anything worse for a human being.:'(It’s like I would take away all your happiness right now.:-/

    Emptiness to the fullest!!!:'(

    But I got help from a clinic and stayed there for six weeks, and now I’m back again.:-D

    The last thing on my mind is: You don’t have to go to church to be together with The Master.:-DI pray to Him every evening, and I do it in Spirit And The Truth, then your prayers will be heard.:-D

    I have 100 percent proof of that it works, and maybe one day soon I will tell you what it means…

    All the best to you!:-D


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