A love letter to Self from the Beloved

I’ve come to pull you by the ear towards myself-
to steal your heart, take you out of yourself and
seat you in my heart, in my soul.
I’ve come like the joyous spring towards you, o
flowering tree- to give your flowers bloom,
then take you in my arms.
I’ve come to give you splendor in this abobe,
and take you beyond the heavens like lovers’ prayers.
You’ve stolen a kiss: I’ve come to reclaim it-
so give it gladly, or I will take it back.
You are the flower!
You speak the word!
If others don’t recognize you,
I do-    For you are me.
You are my essence, my spirit;
you sing my song of expansion.
Become expansion, nothing else-
and I will sing you to my heart.
By birth, are you not a lion?
A lion hidden in the body of a deer.
I will pass you right through that veil.
Allow the blows and move forward-
you are bravery’s shield.
Yield to the power that shoot the arrow-
so that I can bend you like a bow.
From the rank of Soil to the Human form,
thousands of stations stand.
I took you from the next- I won’t leave you stranded.
Say nothing, and don’t froth- don’t blow the lid.
Simmer, patiently and I will cook you,
ripen you, bit, by bit.
You are the polo ball and I am the mallet-
the game is mine, and yet,
I am the one running after you…..
– Rumi
A love letter from the inner Beloved to the inner Lover of Self.
Can you write a love letter to yourself and ponder in awe of the universe that resides in you? Once you experience this in you, you can experience it in all living beings…..Freedom through pure love….

A Love Letter from the Beloved to you Self

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