Incantation of Light


We hail thee, O gods,

Each in the way decreed

By the vast spans of time

And the vaster spans of the human spirit

That reflects your eternal light

As the moon reflects the sun,

As the waters drink our visage,

As the mirror shows us our souls.

May your blessings be upon us

All the days of our lives,

And may we live those lives in contemplation

Of the glory of your being.

                                     —From the Pagan Book of Hours


Love Rules!


When the Universe doesn’t want you to give up on Love

1. Meeting Someone By Fate And There’s Chemistry

This is proof that you still can get excited about meeting someone new. It is known that when someone special enters your life unexpectedly, they were probably put there for a reason. Soul mates or Twin Flames come with certain amounts of destiny and fate.These relationships shape your life and bring you memorable experiences you usually would not have had.

2. You Attend A Wedding

Many people who have given up on love may fear they will feel depressed and lonely at a wedding. However, weddings bring a feeling of new beginnings and a sense of opportunity. They have a way of uplifting your spirit and opening the heart. It’s hard not to get a contact high off the wedded bliss and love that’s in the room.A wedding will quickly restore your belief and hope in finding love. A marriage is also seen as love’s symbol of success.

3. You Have Faith

If you have faith not just in yourself but in the universe, that is a good sign you’re open to new love. It’s more likely you won’t be sitting around waiting to run into the man or woman of your dreams. It’s crucial to develop self-trust which is a necessary quality for falling in love.Without self-trust, you won’t act out on your hopes of meeting your soul mate. Love is destined to happen for you if don’t force it and let it happen naturally.

4. You’re Done With The Wrong Ones

When you’re ready to meet “the one,” there will be a shift inside you. You’ll begin to realize that past relationships that you once tolerated won’t work for you anymore. It’s vital that you are honest with yourself and understand what you want and don’t want. Giving yourself enough time between relationships will help you acknowledge the red flags you missed before. The right companion for you will show up when you understand who it is you need.

5. You Notice Synchronicity

There is no such thing as coincidences, there is synchronicity in life that shows you signs. You may hear the same love song played over and over, or hear about numerous friends getting married or finding love. It’s likely a sign when you notice the same phrase, image, object, or sound. Take a quiet moment and ask yourself what it might be communicating to you and what it symbolizes. Typically, these types of scenarios are signs from the universe. These messages are being sent to be heard loud and clear.

6. Your Energy Levels Are High

If you feel like you have more energy to love more than ever, the universe is giving you a sign. At this point in your life, you are more likely to meet the love of your life. Having consistent positive energy will help you devote to nurturing love and relationships.

Harness Your Energy


Ah, positive energy – the foundation of conscious living and mindfulness. Personal transformation, emotional balance, and holistic happiness are just some of the things that start with positivity.

However, life often gets in the way of positivity, doesn’t it? Getting cut off in traffic, impatience, losing our tempers… These are just some of the many minuscule occurrences that get in the way of our positive energy.

What if it doesn’t have to be that way? Well, it doesn’t! We are all in control of our thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. And when we react positively, we spread positivity. If you can’t change the environment, then change your reaction.

So, here’s 9 powerful ways you can use right now to harness more positive energy into your life!

1. Appreciate nature

A stroll in the park or a short hike up a hill can do wonders for your physical and emotional health, just as long as you remember to stop and smell the roses.

2. Smile more

I don’t know about you, but nothing brightens my day more than a smile – it’s infectious! But you don’t have to wait to be the receiving end of it – be the initiator! Start by smiling at your waiter, acquaintances, your colleagues – and when you’re comfortable enough, just smile at strangers!

3. Be kind

Kindness is a beautiful thing. It spreads like wildfire, and not to mention that you gain immense joy from giving. Start with simple compliments like “that’s a nice dress” or “I love what you did with your hair!”. Then slowly work your way up to small actions.

4. Be grateful

Gratitude is an extraordinarily powerful positivity tool. Take some time each day to give thanks for the smallest of blessings – for having people in your life who love you for who you are, for having access to technologies that others didn’t have twenty years ago, for having food, water, and shelter. There’s plenty of things to be grateful for. Remember, a grateful soul is a positive mind.

5. Surround yourself with positive people

You’re either a product of your environment, or your environment is a product of you. Gain control over your mindset by molding your environment to be a conducive incubator for positive energy. That also means weeding negativities in your life. It’s important to be selective about the type of people you surround yourself with, as it will have long-term and potent effects on what you attract. The more positive the people are in your life, the more positivity you will attract.

6. Project positivity in your speech

The energy you produce mimics the energy you receive, and the energy you produce is governed by the words you speak, and the actions you take. Understandably, we do need to vent every once in a while, but more often than not, our speech should be positive in nature. Instead of complaining about your situation, talk about what you can do to change it. Instead of gossiping, talk about what you can learn from the mistakes of others.

7. Love yourself

Self-deprecation is the bane of personal growth and harnessing positive energy. It’s damaging to your self-value and self-confidence. Be proud of who you are, and accept yourself for who you are. Each time you say something negative about yourself, combat it with five reminders of why you’re awesome – because you are!

8. Live in the present

Leave the pains of yesterday behind, and look forward to a brighter tomorrow. If you’ve suffered from a traumatic past or made mistakes you wish you could change, it’s time you let go, and let live. It’s time you forgive the wrongdoings of others, just as you should forgive yourself. The present is all that matters, and the sooner you learn to live in it, the sooner you’ll experience the power of positivity!

9. Focus on your health

The mind, body, and soul are often regarded as separate entities – but each of these components has a direct effect on one another. Your physical health will contribute to your mental state, and your mental state will impact your soul’s emotions. Begin by exercising and eating healthily. An exercise regime will do wonders for creating positive habits! If you’re overweight, perhaps it’s time you shifted your sights to getting back in shape. Don’t forget, being positive is all about feeling positive


Meaningful Encounters

15 - 1 (5)

 Every single meeting and chance encounter serves a greater purpose. Absolutely nothing happens by chance!

Sometimes people come into our lives who are not meant to be forever. Sometimes they are intended only to teach us a lesson or something along those lines. Are you open to these experiences and all that comes with them, even the pain?

Some of the paths we experience are rougher than others, but that is okay. All of the roads we travel are essential to our life journey. Life is truly a magical mystery. Sometimes, if we are aware, we notice that the Universe helps us when we least expect.

Here are some possible encounters to learn from:

1. Those meant to awaken us.

Sometimes people or things come into our lives that are meant to create a point of stopping for us.

They will not allow us to move forward without realizing that change is needed. Nothing ever goes according to our plans, but everything goes according to the Universe’s plan.

2. Those who remind us.

Sometimes in life, we come across people who are supposed to remind us of the path we are meant to be on.

These people are often temporary but leave a lasting change inside your soul.

3. Those who help us grow.

Some people are meant to help us grow as a person.

They teach us things we would not have been able to do on our own.

4. Those who hold space for us.

Sometimes some people come into our lives who are meant to hold space for us.

They make small talk, and most of the time we don’t even get their names. This could be a stranger on a bus or even a worker in a coffee shop.

5. Those who stay

When we are ready, the Universe will give us someone who will stay with us forever, someone who is our fate. 

This person will be all that you thought they would be and more. You just have to be patient. We also encounter many individuals who stay when it comes to lasting friendships and close family. 

Being of Service


What does it really mean to be of service? Most view service as volunteering somewhere or even offering your time to help someone just because they are seen needing it. In true reality, service can be both of these things depending on where your heart has placed intention. But overall service is service to love. Recognizing that within the one, any service to another is service to yourself. For all we are is love. It is being proactive, being of assistance to your brothers and sisters simply because you are blessed with the vessel to do so.

Service work is meditation, it is the intention, and it is transformation. It is meditation in the way that you clear your mind and find the flow of being in joy, and what other creative ways you can perform the task at hand. It is the intention in the way that you move the energy you’re working with. If you are digging a hole or gardening, are you perceiving it as work, dreadful? Or does every scoop or plant buried become a step for love, a piece of creation falling into place perfectly, divinely? It is the transformation in that you are creating, transforming a soul, plot of land, or yourself into a beautiful and grander creation. It can also be a transformation of density. Envisioning each movement of service as density leaving and making room for pure love light to enter.

Humanity being the single entity that it is, service to the whole is actually mandatory to maintain the health and unity of the one. So whether you are moving a single rock from point A to point B or running a food drive for thousands, if your intention is with love and you bring in your divine intelligence it will be benefiting the one all the same. Always push forward with love for humanity and your service can never go wrong. Even your very breathe cycle intended with love and light is of service to Oneness,  for you love yourself enough to breathe and transform that energy into love in action.


Owl Spirit Guide


The owl is the symbol of
the feminine, the moon and the night.
The owl is the bird of magic and darkness, of prophecy and wisdom.

The owl is associated with Athena.

An owl totem gives you the power to extract secrets.
Meditate on the owl and things will be revealed.
Listen to its voice inside of you.

You will hear not what is being said by others, but what is hidden.
You can detect subtleties of voice that others cannot.
People cannot deceive a person who has an owl totem.

Owl people can see into the darkness of others souls.
Most owl people are clairvoyant because of this ability.
It can be very scary at times.
Learn to trust your instincts about people.
Let your owl totem guide you.

The spiritual meaning of a white owl means you’re maturing. it also can mean you’ve been given more wisdom. Lastly, it can also mean developing and evolving as a person.

In Native American culture, many tribes looked to owls for wisdom and protection and would even wear their feathers as talismans. If you are lucky enough to find an owl feather, keep it forever. Owls were considered in many cultures to be bearers of news or even what some call “psychopomps”. A psychopomp is a spirit that takes a person from life to the underworld after death. They act as a guide to the underworld or otherworld.

Owl mythology is a very deep topic and could go on forever. Let’s just remember that owls are our friends and should be respected & honored just as any other animal that lives on Mother Earth. If the owl spirit guide comes to you, be aware and willing to learn from the owl spirit guide. Don’t push aside the message that the owl spirit guide is sending to you. But don’t be afraid of the owl either…there is nothing to fear of this gorgeous, magical creature

Greek & Roman mythology, the owl was associated with the wise goddess Athene. Apparently, owls were said to guard the temple of Athene and were thought of as a sign of protection. If an owl was seen before a battle, it was sure that victory was to be had. Athene’s familiar was a “little owl”.

The wise owl spirit guide comes to remind us of our intuition…that inner voice that many of us choose to ignore or not believe in. The owl spirit guide also reminds us to protect what is ours and to not take anything for granted. Protect your property and your family, for this is truly protecting yourself. The owl spirit guide also wants us to know that he is there to help us learn about ourselves in the deepest sense. Learn more about your spirit, push yourself spiritually. Wisdom is life and life is wisdom. What does your owl spirit guide say to you?



Life can be hard with many painful lessons. Sometimes it feels as though it will never end. For a time there is nothing more you can do than breathe and know that “this too shall pass.” In the dark tunnel of suffering acknowledge others who carried on through unimaginable torment. Brave ones rise from the ashes like the Phoenix to find the gift of perseverance is freedom. Physical, emotional, or spiritual, it is the freedom you come to know through perseverance. Know that with every thought, word, feeling and action you are either adding to your suffering or nurturing with a healing touch. Carry on in the monitoring of your thoughts. Focus your attention moment by moment. Change is coming.

Your prayers, intentions, surrender, and trust in the Divine Will of Source do matter. Take steps to transform what needs adjustment, clear your plate of that which does not serve you. Receive help, forgive and embrace all of you. Know that suffering will pass and never give up. Think of the oak tree growing out of a rock with little or no soil. So determined to live. This is perseverance, this is the power of life. This is Divine, the sun, and love light giving life. This is you shining through despite circumstances…