True Love And Synchronicity


Love is fundamental in the universe. It is one of the key forces that empowers us to live as more than just human animals.

With love, we gain the ability to understand the spiritual world and the transcendental as a part of our lives.

So when people find true love, the universe tries to foster that love. It does this through synchronicity.

Synchronicity is the way in which the universe causes coincidence to deliver us a message or to push or pull us in the right direction.

How does this synchronicity manifest? We have listed some of these true love synchronicity signs below:

True Love Occupies Our Environment

When we experience true love with someone, we establish a heart connection that exists on the spiritual plane.

This true love connection has a direct effect on our surroundings.

We often find that everywhere we go we are faced with images and instances of love.

We see couples holding hands, and we see romance films on at the cinema – we watch as our friends pair off and start new relationships.

And every time we are reminded of the true love we feel.

Synchronicity Signs

Sometimes a phrase is more accurate than it is supposed to be.

This is the case on occasion when we can see literal signs from the universe that we have found true love.

We’re talking billboards, adverts; window displays all with either couples or emblems of love on display.

Maybe we even see the name of our true love showing up everywhere we go in seemingly unrelated coincidence.

This is no coincidence. It is a synchronicity sign from the universe.

Running Into Them

One surefire sign that the universe is trying to tell us that we are in true love is by ensuring that, every now and again and completely out of the blue, we run into the person.

This usually happens when we least expect it. We’ll be out and about, just getting on with our day, and suddenly an urge to go somewhere new will surface.

Maybe just a different route home. Perhaps a new coffee shop or restaurant or bookstore has opened, and we decide to check it out.

And, once we have taken that leap, we turn the corner only to see the person who we are in love with. The same exact thing has happened to them – they would never come here usually.

“It was spur of the moment. Just a random idea to come here.”

That is the essence of synchronicity and true love. Little nudges, little suggestions, little ideas that have a significant impact on the course of our life.

All of it moves us towards true love. True love for each other and, by extension, for ourselves.

We should be reminded of the age-old adage: “Love finds a way.”



Yin/Yang Are You Balanced?

sun kisses mon

The Masculine/Yang Side:

The masculine or Yang side deals with the strength of the self. It is what causes you to act either timidly or self-confidently. The thing that is most important in determining the strength of the masculine side, is the value that you, at a deep level, place on yourself. This is a value you know within yourself that you have really and truly earned. It could be thought of as a sort of self-esteem. Placing a high value on yourself affects your whole being and helps you feel strong and confident in operating your life. And when can operate your life with confidence, you get more out of life.  Things can really turn around for you, and this automatically makes you place a higher value on yourself. You can build the masculine side through progress and small wins, through positive reinforcement, by practicing, and by generally taking an active part in operating your life.

If you have a strong masculine/Yang side, you are in charge of your own life because you are internally controlled. You tend to look people in the eye. You stand straight, and you usually command attention when you walk into a room, whether you say anything or not. This happens because of the strength within. If you have a weak masculine side, you also have a lot of doubts. You doubt yourself, your abilities, your capability to do things. Things intimidate you and you don’t move forward well. You are afraid to put yourself out there because you know you are going to fail, so you don’t even try to accomplish things. If you have a weak masculine side, you often feel the need to show off your attributes and accomplishments, whereas if you have a strong masculine side you are self-confident, and don’t feel it is necessary to show off.

The masculine/yang side is full of things that you have to be strong and self-confident in order to do. These include being able to claim your basic rights, such as the right to feel free to operate independently of others, and the right to belong or fit into society in any way you please. Claiming your rights also includes being able to stand up to people who try to take away your rights, either by force or intimidation, or by manipulation, or by trying to hinder you in choosing your own direction in life. The masculine side also includes the ability to be decisive, to take risks when appropriate, and to focus intently and concentrate in order to get things done. In addition, a strong masculine side builds common sense, which helps you figure out how to accomplish things and get more of what you want out of life. This includes figuring out how to operate your life in a responsible manner, how to reason without distorting reality and without fooling yourself, and how to accurately weigh probabilities so that you know the most likely outcome to expect in situations you come across.

The Feminine/Yin Side:

The feminine/Yin side is also based on a value. But instead of a being a value you place on yourself, the feminine side is based, at the same deep level, on a value that you place on others. It could be thought of as a sort of “other-esteem”. This value affects your whole being. If you have a strong feminine side and place a high value on others, you are often giving and unselfish. You usually know what is good for people, and you tend to operate in ways that help others get what they want out of life. You happily let people operate their own life without interference from you, but when asked, you are also willing to help by supporting, cooperating, and giving advice. People feel comfortable with you because you give who you are without pushing yourself on others. If you have a strong feminine side, people also feel comfortable being around you because there is no selfishness for them to detect.

If you have a weak feminine side, you place a low value on others, and you are not a giving person. Instead, you are selfish and greedy and tend to keep yourself closed off from people. You are isolated because you don’t want to share yourself or share anything you have. Also, you don’t take responsibility for yourself but blame others for your problems. Although the feminine side is generally not as well understood as the masculine side, the negative or selfish aspect of a low feminine side is something almost everybody recognizes, especially in others. In fact, it may be the most easily recognizable characteristic of all, because of the element of discomfort involved in being with a selfish person. If someone has a weak feminine side, it could also be said that he has a strong “dark side” (the evil or negatively motivated side). In someone with a strong dark side, there is usually an imbalance in which the feminine side is very weak, while the masculine side is much stronger.  In the extreme situation where a person has an almost nonexistent feminine side, he will often act in ways that could be considered evil in nature, because he acts only on his own behalf, and does it to such an extent that he doesn’t care how much his actions hurt others in the process.

If you have a strong feminine side, you often behave in ways that are considered feminine in nature. You do things that you have to be giving and unselfish in order to do. This includes recognizing people’s basic human rights and allowing them to operate their life without interfering with those rights.  For example, allowing them the freedom to operate independently, and the freedom to fit into society wherever and however they want, even the freedom to let people choose when to face up to reality and when to be in denial.  Allowing people their basic rights include letting them control their own life, letting them choose what to believe without being manipulated by you, and letting them choose their own path or direction in life without hindrance from you. The feminine side also includes having an enthusiasm and zest for life and recognizing what things are worth getting enthusiastic about. And it includes having the persistence and tenacity to stay with something until it is finished, while still knowing when to give up on it if your energy is better used elsewhere. In addition, the feminine side also includes being kind, compassionate, patient, responsive to the needs of others, and it includes the ability to limit the amount of energy you put into helping people, to keep from hurting yourself or draining your own energy.

The Balance:

The masculine/feminine or yin/yang balance is extremely important, almost more important than how much you have grown as a person. Even a less evolved person, if he is balanced, treats others the same way he treats himself. And that is what balance is all about. If the masculine side is much stronger than the feminine side, you tend to be pushy and take unfair advantage of people. On the other hand, if the feminine side is much stronger than the masculine side, you tend to let others take advantage of you, and you become a doormat for people. How can you tell which side is stronger for you? The balance between fear and anger in your life is a good indication. If the masculine side is stronger than the feminine side, you tend to feel anger more easily than fear. The greater the imbalance in this direction, the more easily you will feel unjustly treated by others, and the more easily you will become angry and aggressive with them because you have an unrealistically high opinion of your own rights compared to those of others. Conversely, if the feminine side is stronger than the masculine side, you tend to feel fear more easily than anger. The greater the imbalance in this direction, the more easily you will feel you are treating others unfairly, and the more easily you will become defensive and fearful because you have an unrealistically low opinion of your own rights as compared to those of others.

For All the Servants of Love…

Servants of Love

We Choose each other’s company and sit in each other’s embrace.

Come closer friends, to the edge of your seats, so we can glimpse each other’s true face.

We have made pacts and agreements from within,

So don’t imagine that we are merely what you see.

This moment, as we sit together wine in our hands, and flowers in our sleeves….

….We have passage from the seen to the unseen, for we travel alongside the messenger of faith.

We know the way from house to garden; we dwell with jasmines and cypresses.

Every day we enter the meadow and find flowers, newly bloomed….

….We harvest them by the skirtful; and gift them to lovers, everywhere.

So don’t hold back your heart; for we are not thieves

We are safe keepers, we are guardians.

Each breath that we take, carries that flower’s scent like a gentle breeze;

We are the rosebush rooted in the meadow of knowingness.

We’ve filled the world with the scent of that flower, sending a signal:

“Come, we are in this state.”

She detects our scents when we detect hers and though we seem meager,

She renders us grand.

We are the humble servants of Love and we are Love itself, lying in wait…..

A Poem by Rumi



All Through Eternity – Rumi Poem

love passion



Beauty unveils His exquisite form

in the solitude of nothingness;

He holds a mirror to His Face

and beholds His own beauty.

he is the knower and the known,

the seer and the seen;

No eye but His own

has ever looked upon this Universe.

His every quality finds an expression:

Eternity becomes the verdant field of Time and Space;

Love, the life-giving garden of this world.

Every branch and leaf and fruit

Reveals an aspect of His perfection-

The cypress give hint of His majesty,

The rose gives tidings of His beauty.

Whenever Beauty looks,

Love is also there;

Whenever beauty shows a rosy cheek

Love lights Her fire from that flame.

When beauty dwells in the dark folds of night

Love comes and finds a heart

entangled in tresses.

Beauty and Love are as body and soul.

Beauty is the mine, Love is the diamond.

They have together

since the beginning of time-

Side by side, step by step.


Deja Vu…Expansion of Consciousness


Your physical body exists at a specific location in space and time. In order to relocate physically, you have to travel to the new location. Your mind, however, is free to roam to different locations and even to other points in time. In recent decades, remote reveiwing– the mental viewing of remote locations – has been developed into a highly disciplined method of obtaining information from other locations in time and space. This skill of consciousness allows us to be able to further realize our capacity to create our own reality.

 Many people have experienced their own versions of this skill in the form of deja vu, where scenes that you suddenly recognize in your life are scenes that you had previously viewed while in another state of consciousness.Your soul, or inner self, has the capability, not only to see, but to BE in different locations in space and time. Physical life is a projection of consciousness, which appears to be solid, which appears to be fixed in location, and which appears to run along a linear time line.

Solidity, space and time are all projections of consciousness in the theater of life. They are nowhere near as fixed as we have been led to believe.

When a particularly vivid example of deja vu occurs, it is not just the recall of a recent dream, it is more likely to be a real-time connection with your inner self – your complete consciousness – when time and space become flexible.

Your inner self can look into how a plan of action would work out by connecting with the actual event at the time and space location where the event will occur. It can be a little disorienting to be living your regular life and suddenly have a brief connection with your inner self that exists beyond our perception of time and space.

In fact, you can come out of such a contact with your complete, inner self consciousness wondering – just for a split-second – where you are, and what the date is today! Such an experience is an excellent example of the wide-ranging consciousness of your inner self. It has the ability to relocate to and directly experience other locations in space and time.

 As you progress in the development of your consciousness you will acquire more of the attributes of the expanded consciousness of your complete, inner self. Your daily consciousness is a tight focus, a subset, of your complete consciousness. That daily, waking consciousness is now expanding to incorporate more of the capabilities which you already possess within your complete, inner self.

Practices such as meditation and any activities that promote consciousness expansion, will support this type of inner development in accelerating rapidly.

Love is the Doorway to Telepathy

love is here

Our intuition provides us with the power of telepathy, and the one thing that amplifies its powers the most is True Love. True Love is Known. It just IS.  Its beyond reason…Its beyond words…

When we deeply understand and put our utmost faith in each other, then we’re able to connect on a profound spiritual level.

Not only does our consciousness get aligned, but also our subconscious. We are able to tap into our lover’s minds without any effort, and they can do the same.

If you have developed a telepathic connection with someone, then trust me, you will feel every emotion that they feel.

You might have noticed that sometimes you abruptly feel happy without any reason whatsoever, just because your partner is simmering with joy.

This happens because you truly care about them, and that is why you understand and experience things with them on a whole different level.

Telepathy endows a person with incredible powers of perception. Two people who have a telepathic connection can easily perceive if either of them is depressed or lonely.

Why is that? You must’ve heard people in Love saying, “Whatever you feel, I feel “. That’s not just a meaningless sentiment.

There’s a lot of truth to it. Unconditional love bonds two souls together. So, if one of them is undergoing a rough time, the other can feel a crippling and crushing feeling in his/her heart.

Telepathy helps two people to communicate through feelings, thoughts, images, desires and many other ways.

Some people have such developed powers of telepathy that they can even reach out to each other in their dreams.

When we’re immersed in love, we often visualise our lover in our dreams, because we deeply resonate with them. And the best part is that these dreams aren’t just vague, like most of our other dreams. They’re incredibly vivid and mesmerising.

The secret ingredient of telepathy is a firm conviction. You have to honestly believe in love and kindness, and subdue your ego if you wish to develop this otherworldly connection with someone. Disbelief and distrust destroy your ability to love.


Practice the things that empower your intuition, such as empathy. Doing so will help you to selflessly love people, and develop a telepathic connection with someone.

People who let their ego rule over their hearts distant themselves from love. Their disillusionment slowly transforms into disconnection that destroys intuition.

Telepathy between hearts is a magnificent thing! Hold on to it if you’ve been fortunate enough to develop it.

Flexibility frees you…


Flexibility is allowing people or things to change when they need to.  This includes allowing the external world to operate as it must without having to ask your permission.  Flexibility is the opposite of rigidity.  It is the ability to feel comfortable about yielding to things you can not control, or that you don’t have the right to control.  It is the ability to respond positively by adapting to changes that happen but are outside your control.  It is being able to let things and people exist in their own way, without attempting to control and direct them.  It is allowing others to control the direction of their own lives without hindering or obstructing their choices.  Flexibility includes not being afraid of having to adapt to new or different circumstances just because they are new or different.

If you are a flexible person, you find it easy to let others control their own life’s direction.  You respond positively when people change path or direction in life, or suddenly decide to do something you consider very different.  As a flexible person, you also know that the world makes changes without asking your permission.  You understand that external circumstances (things outside your control) have the right to change in their own way, and often do.  You find it easy to “go with the flow” and readily adapt when circumstances or other things change around you, or when the external world in general decides to throw you a curve.  You adapt to change in a flexible way because you understand the obligation to let go of control when the external world makes changes in how it operates.

Flexibility comes from understanding at a deep level that it is a basic human right for every person to choose his own direction in life, and to choose when to make changes and take his life in an entirely new or different direction.  This means you have the right to choose when and how to make changes in your own life.  It includes the freedom to change your mind, change your opinions, change your attitudes, change your direction in life.  Feeling free to make changes is an empowering attitude or quality that lets you choose how and when to change anything about yourself or about your life.

To be empowered to decide your own life’s direction and choose when to make changes in your life, you must not be afraid to stand up to well meaning father figures or other figures of authority who rigidly want you to follow a course that they approve of.  Keep in mind that someone’s disapproval is not enough reason for you to change your path or direction in life.  Only you have the real power to determine where to go with your life, and it is your will that decides when it is time to change, and only you can choose the course of your own life.  Realizing you have the right to chart your own course in life makes it easier to choose the direction and the changes that are best for you.

Every human right has two sides to it, namely the right as it applies to you, and the right as you must let it apply to everyone else.  And to be fair, the right must be the same for both.  The consequence of this is that you have the right to determine your life’s direction without interference from others, and others (and the external world and circumstance in general) have the right to determine their life’s direction without interference from you.  The more you recognize this as a basic human right, the easier it will become for you to exert control over your own direction or path in life, and let go of trying to control the direction of other people’s lives, and of circumstances that end up placing you in particular situations.  Understanding the true meaning of this right will help you stand up to rigid people who try to keep you from making changes in your life, and it will also help you understand your obligation to let others choose when and how to make changes in their lives.  You will find it easier to let other people control their own life’s direction, and this will increase your own flexibility.  It will help you to “go with the flow” of circumstances that you know are outside your right to control.

Since you know you have the right to control only what is internal to you, you also know you have the obligation to let go of control when the external world makes changes in how it operates.  This understanding is what allows you to adapt to external changes in a flexible way.

If you are emotionally inflexible, or rigid, you don’t like change and you tend to have trouble allowing the outside world and the people around you to make changes.  This can make you heavy-handed, bossy and authoritarian with those around you.  You sometimes browbeat or otherwise hinder someone you care about from using his own will to operate his own life.  As an inflexible person, you are afraid of change because you are afraid of the unknown, and you will do almost anything to avoid the unfamiliar.