How Open Are You?


Openness is the ability to allow someone to understand who you are.  Complete openness is revealing all and hiding nothing.  It is sharing who you are, your thoughts, emotions and motivations, without reservation and without holding things back.  It is being able to reveal what you have done in the past, as well as what you hope to do in the future.

Being an open person is like living in the sunshine.  You feel you have nothing to hide.  You feel confident about revealing who you are because you like yourself and believe in yourself.  You are not afraid to open up the dark corners inside you for others to see.  You feel comfortable about revealing who you really are to those who can accept it.

Openness has both a doing side and a knowing side.  The doing side is being able to reveal who you are.  The knowing side is knowing when it is wise to be open with a particular person.  Just because you have a strong ability to be open does not mean you can be open at all times with all people.  Openness is not something people can demand of you.  You don’t owe it to all people to bare your soul to them.  Being open is similar to being intimate or being committed in that it is a gift you give to certain people when you want to.  It must be this way because these are the things that create bonds between people, and you have the right to choose who to bond with.

Not all people are capable of accepting it if you are completely open with them.  You have heard people say “I didn’t want to know that”.  You continually estimate how much others are ready to accept, and how much they really want to know about you.  If you reveal something about yourself, and you find out afterwards the other person didn’t really want to know it, or couldn’t accept it, then it could be said that you have imposed the information on him against his will.

If you find it difficult to be open, it is because you are afraid of the repercussions of revealing who you are.  You hide the things you are ashamed of and don’t like about yourself, because you fear criticism and humiliation from others.  You reason, sometimes falsely, that if you don’t like something about yourself, you can hardly expect others to be accepting of it.  When you can’t be open, you tend to withdraw from people, and this makes you feel lonely and isolated.  Also, you sometimes have trouble being open with yourself because you don’t want to deal with those things you don’t like about yourself.  You push them aside and this keeps you from growing as a person.

The ability to be an open person and “wear your heart on your sleeve”, depends to a large extent on how well you like yourself, and how comfortable you are with yourself as a person.  The best way to like everything about yourself is to not have anything to dislike.  Think of the things you don’t like about yourself, and work on changing them.  Obviously, you can’t change specific events that have occurred in the past.  But you can change the way you operate your life so you don’t make the same mistakes again.  And, strangely enough, if you know something is in the past, and is not part of how you operate now, that is often all it takes to feel it is no longer necessary to hide it.

Another thing that helps openness is learning to choose your relationships carefully.  In choosing a personal relationship, one of the biggest favors you can do yourself is to make sure you are comfortable enough with each other that neither of you feels there is anything to hide.  Openness is essential for a solid long term relationship, whether it is a friendship or a love relationship, and each of you must be able to accept what the other reveals about himself.

In any relationship, a person’s feelings for you are based on who that person believes you to be.  If you don’t reveal who you really are, his feelings for you are not based on reality.  If you find yourself in a relationship with someone you can not be open with, you know that if he says he loves you, he doesn’t really love you because he doesn’t really know you.  He only loves who he thinks you are, and you have not allowed him to fully see that. This is why it is so important to get into relationships only with people you can really be open with.


Honoring The Process Of Change



The Triple Goddess Moon represents the Maiden, Mother, and Crone as the waxing, full, and waning moon. It is also associated with feminine energy, mystery and psychic abilities. Both men and women have this feminine energy within them. Jung coined the term Anima for men or soul aspect. For women the masculine or sun energy was termed Animus/Soul. To have both these energies in harmony leads to a sense of wholeness within one’s life.

The Triple Goddess Moon is the sacred symbol of the Wise Women

The sacred symbol for each archetype takes us into the current of understanding though the image. Symbols have powerful messages that are beyond what words can describe.

  • The waxing moon stands for the Maiden and symbolizes purity, youth, new life, beginnings, rejuvenation, excitement, enchantment and expansion.
  • The full moon represents the Mother and represents fulfillment, fertility, ripeness, potency, compassion, giving, caring, nurturing, protection and power.
  • The waxing moon represents the Crone and stands for repose, maturity, wisdom, experience, knowledge, understanding, completion, death and rebirth.

In its entirety, the symbol is believed to signify the eternal cycle of birth, life and rebirth.

The Triple Goddess Moon shows us that everything is always in process, always changing, and always cyclic. There is a continual cycle of life, death and rebirth. She is the gateway of change and we learn to open our hearts into the changing seasons of life.

The Triple Goddess Moon reveals true beauty in every cycle.

The Maiden bursts forth with her stirring energy and initiatory impulse to begin new cycles.
The Mother looks after, protects, and nourishes that which has been created.
The Crone demands release, surrender and ultimately the highest living wisdom to be born within.

The Crone is often dismissed or rejected out of fear and aversion to aging, which is the natural order of all life. In indigenous peoples throughout the world, the crone has been revered as the elder wise woman.

The Guest House- Rumi Poem



This being human is a guest house.
Every morning a new arrival.

A joy, a depression, a meanness,
some momentary awareness comes
as an unexpected visitor.

Welcome and entertain them all!
Even if they are a crowd of sorrows,
who violently sweep your house
empty of its furniture,
still, treat each guest honorably.
He may be clearing you out
for some new delight.

The dark thought, the shame, the malice.
meet them at the door laughing and invite them in.

Be grateful for whatever comes.
because each has been sent
as a guide from beyond.

Karma and Free Will


While many have heard the word “karma”, few fully understand  the meaning of it. The meaning has been lost to misunderstanding…… karma is thought of as being either good or bad. There is an idea that there is a measuring system in the universe that rewards and punishes. It isn’t you, it is something out there controlling you. If misfortune comes your way, well, it must be karmic.

Here’s the reality of karma: The universe is an empty space, open, flowing, always moving in the same way that you are meant to because you are one in the same. When you have thoughts that are in alignment with universal flow, you are going to be energetically lifted to a place of happiness and joy, even bliss. This is your natural element. Yet when you are thinking outside of universal flow, you create for yourself pain and suffering, or what some might call bad karma. Events are set into motion that creates more of the same. These events can last for lifetimes; they can also be transformed in one lifetime.

In the now, in the present moment, all karmic ties can be radically dissolved. How is that possible? It goes back to the universe being an empty, open, flowing space; what we put out there is what we get back, but it comes from us, not some arbitrary measuring system. In the present moment karma wants to play out as it always has. You can decide to go down that road again or not by how you perceive things. No matter what’s going on, you can perceive in a way that empowers you or doesn’t. Karma reminds you of where you have been, but it does not dictate where you are going. That is entirely up to you. Free will….You are in charge of the direction of your life.



Truth involves establishing an aware relationship between your inner core and the circumstances in your life. Centering in truth involves the ability to perceive a fundamental wisdom, reflected within yourself and the people you know.

Truth is transformed into power when you dissolve prejudice and make yourself receptive to the world as it really is. Truth’s power can be a remarkable force indeed — yet is rarer than generally imagined. It can be maintained only by cultivating a genuine openness to things as they are — a willingness to see, rather than merely look.

Whenever your inner life is clouded, your influence in the world is under a shadow. If you are fearful, you will be attacked; if you cloak genuine mysteries in dogma, opportunities for new insight will be lost. If you vacillate in upholding your principles, you will be tested. Yet, when you are firm and strong, the power of truth can break through even the most stubborn minds…..

New Story….


Whatever you say and think about yourself is story. Sometimes we can become over focused on repeating themes, definitions and narrow views of ourselves. This habit can create a dull and devitalized experience of reality. If you do not fill your mind with new experiences, new ideas and new versions of yourself……… your sense of self becomes dim, worn…..bored with the same old story. As you explore the depth of healing inside yourself and  face your truth….You can  create space for new stories. When you tell the old stories, tell them a bit differently each time. If you repeat the same story about yourself, then be aware that you are missing an opportunity to gather another perspective from those gems of experience:  joys/ecstasies,  tragedies/ crises. When you speak of your experiences, intend to gain a new awareness to hold a more expanded view….to see what your story can become.



You do not see the sky, You are the sky.

You do not touch the earth. You are the earth.

You do not hear rain. You are the rain.

You and the universe are what the mystics call “One Taste.”

–Ken Wilber

The direct way to allow yourself to experience oneness with all, is through your heart. When living from the awareness of your heart’s wisdom there is no doubt, no fear, no resistance to life. Your heart contains the center of your well being. Your heart is truth through unconditional loving awareness. Connect with your heart as often as possible throughout your day and night. Practice cultivating loving thoughts that then shift to loving feelings with yourself and others around you. See the love in all beings and things: people, animals, plants, crystals..etc. As you live in your own energy field of love, notice how sweet life becomes. Notice how your loving energy affects others…..